Barr Lake, CO – This painting is literally from the dust. On a beautiful day in February, I painted this cluster of cottonwoods along Barr Lake. I was happy with my results and happy that I was outside and painting again. Winter seems long this year, but luckily in Denver we can have snow one day and sun and warmth the next. I felt like I emerged from the winter dusty in my skills, but I brushed off the winter blues and just started again. So happy to finish the painting, I pulled it off my easel and immediately dropped it face down into sand, dried weeds and seeds, dirt, mud and more. I laughed hard thinking it was quite symbolic. But just like getting out there and starting again, I rose up and picked off all the added character from dirt and finished the painting. Here’s hoping 2022 will be productive, but I know there will be those moments when all you can do is laugh.