Painted en Plein Air in late June, 2020. My thoughts at the time – 2020 will be a year we will analyze for a long time. As an artist there can be some benefits to being sequestered at home. The pandemic lock down, for me, allowed more time to paint, organize my studio, continue to learn new techniques, and reflect on subject matter for my paintings. Although I love to paint mountains, trees, streams, and lakes; I also love to paint buildings. I love how the light and shadows play across structures and architecture. And I wanted to push myself for a more complex topic.

Taking a chance, I headed to downtown Denver with two other Plein Air artists. As I sketched in the bones of my painting of Union Station, I was taken back at how peaceful, calm, and beautiful the setting was. It was early in the morning and few people were around. Of those that were there, many talked to me. Everyone was feeling a sense of melancholy about why this busy transportation hub was quiet. I found myself waiting for the hustle and bustle to start happening, but it really did not.

So for today I will appreciate that sense of calm, but as I stood there waiting for more…and as I watched the American Flag slowly wave in the breeze, I realized I was waiting not just for the activity to arrive at the station, but also the change we all are dreaming of; the change for equality and respect, freedom of movement without fear of the pandemic, and for sensibility to return to our government and country. I believe Black Lives Matter and 2020 is forcing us to reflect on the changes that need to arrive at our doors.