Imagine waking up every morning to the warming sun and the aromas of fresh baked bread and pastries at the first light of day. The aromas were always welcoming to all our neighbors for blocks surrounding our family owned and run bakery. Each morning there would be a long line of neighbors anxiously waiting at our family’s bakery door.

I was mentored and supported early by my Grandma Emily Strupp who was the matriarch of not only our family, but of the whole neighborhood. My strong, happy, and giggling grandmother ran her business with a lot of love and she had great influence on me as an entrepreneur. It truly was a family run effort under her guidance.

I feel like I cannot really launch my website without acknowledging my family and friends. Yes, I grew up living above and working in my grandparents bakery, but I did so, with five siblings, dozens of cousins, incredible aunts, uncles, my remarkable parents and many close friends. I still do not understand how my parents, managed 6 of us while running a business that required 24 x 7 attention. My father worked nights, slept in the non-heated attic during the day to avoid our noise and activity. My mother worked all day as a clerk in the bakery storefront and all night and day taking care of us.

My grandparents have departed a long time ago, but with the sad passing of my parent’s generation I am appreciative that my brothers and sisters have remained very close – perhaps because of what we learned together growing up in that loving and crazy home environment.

I am grateful to my family and friends for supporting me throughout the years as I dreamed of more time to paint. I am missing my grandmothers and my mother today as I launch my website on Mother’s Day. I am blessed to have had a father who taught me many skills and trades which helped me develop my artistic eye. Thank you to my brothers and sisters, my eight nieces and nephews, their spouses, my eight grand-nieces and my incredible friends. You have all supported me over the years in achieving my dreams. Now I wish that you each achieve your dream. It’s never too late or too early to begin. Life is good.

Pictured below: My father, Howie Strupp